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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Soundtrack

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After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store.

  • So Say We All — Audiomachine
    Trailer #1.
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy — Traffic
    Opening, Tony and Nebula play paper football.
  • No Trust — Alan Silvestri
    Opening titles, Avengers plan to attack Thanos on Titan II.
  • Totally Fine — Alan Silvestri
    Thor walks out of Thanos's Cabin and Tony records a message aboard the Benatar.
  • Arrival — Alan Silvestri
    Captain Marvel arrives on Earth carrying the Benatar, with Tony and Nebula inside.
  • The How Works — Alan Silvestri
    Avengers brainstorm how to retrieve the Infinity Stones.
  • More Problems — Pinar Toprak
    (0:05); (repeats) (0:08) Captain Marvel destroys Thanos' ship.
  • Where Are They? — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Avengers go to Titan to kill Thanos and retrieve the Infinity Stones.
  • Becoming Whole Again — Alan Silvestri
    After the 5-year time jump, Cap leads a support group. Scott and Cassie reunite. *Spoiler* Scott goes to the memorial.
  • Theme from Ant-Man — Christophe Beck
    *Spoiler* After being trapped for five hours, Scott escapes the Quantum Realm.
  • I Figured It Out — Alan Silvestri
    Tony finds Morgan with the rescue helmet; Tony cracks time travel, tucks in Morgan, and talks to Pepper.
  • Perfectly Not Confusing — Alan Silvestri
    The first time travel test; Tony and Cap make amends, recruiting Thor.
  • You Shouldn't Be Here — Alan Silvestri
    Clint, under his new identity Ronin, murders a Japanese mob boss; Natasha approaches him.
  • The Measure of a Hero — Alan Silvestri
    Thor meets with his mother.
  • Doom and Gloom — The Rolling Stones
    Iron Man calls Rocket 'Ratchet'; Rocket fixes the ship.
  • So Many Stairs — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* In New York, Avengers and the Chitauri battle.
  • Supersonic Rocket Ship — The Kinks
    Bruce and Rocket travel to New Asgard.
  • One Shot — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* The Avengers walk up to the platform to the quantum realm.
  • Snap Out of It — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* In New Asgard, Bruce and Rocket visit Thor; Thor and Frigga talk.
  • I Can't Risk This — Alan Silvestri
    Captain America from the present fights Captain America from 2012.
  • Come and Get Your Love — redbone
    Peter searches for an orb on Morag; Rhodey and Nebula stop him to get the stone themselves.
  • Watch Each Other's Six — Alan Silvestri
    Rhodey, Nebula, Clint and Natasha land on Morag.
  • The Master of the Mystic End Credits — Michael Giacchino
    The Ancient One on the roof.
  • He Gave It Away — Alan Silvestri
    Bruce Banner talks to the Ancient One.
  • Hey Lawdy Mama — Steppenwolf
    New Jersey, Camp Lehigh Army Base.
  • The Tool of a Thief — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Nebula and Rhodey collect the power stone.
  • Destiny Fulfilled — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Gamora looks through Nebula's memory.
  • How Do I Look? — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* 2014 Nebula disguises herself as present Nebula.
  • Gotta Get Out — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Clint wakes up with the soul stone on Vormir.
  • In Plain Sight — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Visiting Shield in the '70s, Tony searches for the Tesseract
  • Whatever It Takes — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Steve sees Peggy through the glass while hiding in her office.
  • Not Good — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Natasha sacrifices herself for Clint to take the soul stone.
  • I Was Made for This — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Bruce wears the gauntlet.
  • Tres Amigos — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Tony, Steve and Thor encounter Thanos.
  • Tunnel Scape — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Scott attempts to rescue Rhodey, Hulk and Rocket; (repeats) The big three and Thanos fight.
  • Worth It — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Captain America lifts Mjolnir and fights Thanos.
  • Portals — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* The Fallen Heroes return through Dr. Strange’s portals.
  • Get This Thing Started — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* In the van, Scott and Hope try to start the quantum realm machine.
  • The One — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Avengers try to take Gauntlet off Thanos; Tony succeeds, snapping his fingers.
  • One Way Trip — Alan Silvestri
    After Tony snaps Thanos' fingers, Thanos and his army disintegrate.
  • You Did Good — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* After the final battle, Rodey, Peter and Pepper mourn Tony.
  • The Real Hero — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Tony’s funeral.
  • Go Ahead — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Sam talks with old Steve, who passes the torch to him.
  • It's Been a Long, Long Time — Harry James and His Orchestra
    *Spoiler* Steve and Peggy dance; (repeats) End credits.
  • Five Seconds — Alan Silvestri
    *Spoiler* Cap time travels and doesn't return as expected.
  • Main on End — Alan Silvestri
    End credits.
  • Let's Go — Lanny Duncan, Robert Duncan
  • Captain Marvel — Pinar Toprak
  • Doctor Strange Theme — Michael Giacchino
  • La Cucaracha — Traditional
  • Iron Man 2: Make Way for Tomorrow Today (arr. T. Berens) — Richard M. Sherman & Timothy Berens & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra & University of Cincinnati CCM Musical Theatre Department & John Morris Russell
    End credits, last song.
  • I Love You 3000 II — 88rising & Stephanie Poetri & Jackson Wang
  • Make Way For Tomorrow - Expo Version — John Debney
    End credits, last song.