Mid90s OST

Mid90s Soundtrack

30 songs

Stevie is a sweet 13-year-old about to explode. His mom is loving and attentive, but a little too forthcoming about her romantic life. His big brother is a taciturn and violent bully. So Stevie searches his working-class Los Angeles suburb for somewhere to belong. He finds it at the Motor Avenue skate shop.

  • The Start of Things — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Opening Titles; (repeats) Stevie and Reuben discuss nicknames; End Credits.
  • Kiss from a Rose — Seal
    Stevie gives his brother a gift in the diner.
  • Big Wide World — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Stevie sees the guys skating outside the skate shop for the first time; End Credits.
  • 93 'Til Infinity — Souls of Mischief
    Stevie enters into the skate shop for the first time
  • Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) — Pixies
    The guys watch pro skating videos; Stevie buys a skate magazine.
  • Ya Playin' Yaself — Jeru the Damaja
    Stevie goes behind the skate store, for the first time.
  • Put It On — Big L
    Near the beginning, Stevie is smoking a cigarette with Reuben.
  • Supertouch/Shitfit — Bad Brains
    Stevie rushes into an AmPm restroom to wash his mouth with soap after smoking cigarettes
  • Hybrid Moments — The Misfits
    Stevie buys the used set-up skateboard from Reuben.
  • Sucka N***a — A Tribe Called Quest
    Stevie hangs out in the shop after he buys Ruben’s old setup.
  • Dedicated to the One I Love — The Mamas & The Papas
    Cruising down the centre of the highway on their skateboards.
  • I'm That Type Of Nigga — The Pharcyde
    Arguing with a security guard whilst skating on school property.
  • A Normal Man Running — Philip Glass
    Stevie and Ray watch Ray meet pro skaters.
  • Gyöngyhajú lány — Omega
    Stevie tries to skate/jump a gap and falls off the roof
  • Hooligans — Count Lasher
    Ray gives Stevie a new board.
  • Pepita — Julius Steffaro
    Ian and Fuckshit get into a confrontation while the others are eating.
  • 1-800-Suicide — Gravediggaz
    The skater teens (except ray) take ADD on the bus while on the way to a party.
  • Watermelon Man — Herbie Hancock
    The skater teens go to a party.
  • When the Shit Goes Down — Cypress Hill
    Estee and Stevie talk about his friends at the party.
  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Live Version — Nirvana
    Estee takes Stevie to "check out" Angela's room
  • Girlfriend — Philip Glass
    Stevie leaves the bedroom and tells his friends what happened.
  • Pony — Ginuwine
    Estee and all the girls talk after the party.
  • Mistadobalina — Del the Funky Homosapien
    Stevie's mom confronts his friends.
  • We'll Let You Know — Morrissey
    Stevie and Ray skate together
  • Liquid Swords — GZA
  • Dance — ESG
    Everyone is at the skate shop, skating/partying.
  • Further Along — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Fuckshit embarrasses Ray infront of the pro skaters; Stevie and Ruben fight.
  • Passin' Me By — The Pharcyde
    Fourth grade's skate video "mid 90's".
  • Finding a Place — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Stevie snoops around Ian's room looking for a good song on his Disk-man
  • Tearz — Wu-Tang Clan