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Forks, Washington resident Bella Swan is reeling from the departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen, and finds comfort in her friendship with Jacob Black, a werewolf. But before she knows it, she's thrust into a centuries-old conflict, and her desire to be with Edward at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

  • New Moon — Alexandre Desplat
    Opening prologue music.
  • Bella Dreams — Alexandre Desplat
    Opening, Bella's dream about her grandmother.
  • Monsters — Hurricane Bells
    Bella arrives at school on her birthday. Edward crosses the parking lot towards her.
  • Romeo & Juliet — Alexandre Desplat
    Edward and Bella watch Romeo and Juliet in class.
  • The Violet Hour — Sea Wolf
    Bella arrives at her birthday party at the Cullens'.
  • Blood Sample — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella cuts her finger on the box at her birthday party at the Cullens' house.
  • Volturi Waltz — Alexandre Desplat
    Looking at the painting, Edward explains The Volturi to Bella.
  • Satellite Heart — Anya Marina
    Bella and Edward come back from Bella's birthday party at the Cullens'. She asks him to kiss her.
  • Rosyln — St. Vincent & Bon Iver
    Bella prints a photo of her and Edward and folds it. At the cafeteria, she sees that the Cullens are not there. Edward discovers the photo in her room.
  • Edward Leaves — Alexandre Desplat
    Edward takes Bella to the forest and tells her that he is leaving her.
  • Werewolves — Alexandre Desplat
    Sam brings Bella back to her dad.
  • Possibility — Lykke Li
    Bella sits on her chair as the months go by.
  • I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) — Muse
    Bella sits in her truck after she tells Charlie she needs a girl's night out.
  • Friends — Band of Skulls
    Bella goes near the dangerous men in Port Angeles in order to see Edward's ghost.
  • Dreamcatcher — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella drives to Jacob with the bikes.
  • Shooting the Moon — OK Go
    Montage of Bella and Jacob fixing motorbikes.
  • All I Believe In (Bonus Track) — Amadou & Mariam & The Magic Numbers
    Bella turns off the radio while Jacob and Bella are fixing motorbikes.
  • Solar Midnite (Bonus Track) — Lupe Fiasco
    Face Punch
  • I Need You — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella talks to Jacob at the movie theater.
  • New Moon (The Meadow) — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella goes to the meadow and finds Laurent there.
  • Wolves vs. Vampire — Alexandre Desplat
    The wolf pack handles Laurent.
  • Victoria — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella tells Charlie about the wolves and worries about Victoria.
  • Hearing Damage — Thom Yorke
    After Victoria strangles Harry Clearwater, Jacob, as a wolf, chases her through the forest.
  • Break Up — Alexandre Desplat
    Jacob "breaks up" with Bella.
  • Done All Wrong — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    After seeing Paul and Jacob transform into wolves, Bella is taken to Emily's house.
  • Adrenaline — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella jumps off the cliff into the water. She resurfaces and sees Victoria swimming towards her.
  • Slow Life (with Victoria Legrand) — Grizzly Bear
    Bella sees Edward underwater, and Jacob pulls her to safety.
  • Almost a Kiss — Alexandre Desplat
    Jacob almost kisses Bella in her truck.
  • Memories of Edward — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella remembering Edward.
  • To Volterra — Alexandre Desplat
    Alice and Bella race to get to Italy.
  • You're Alive — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella finds Edward in Italy, and he realizes that she's alive.
  • Full Moon — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella and Edward reunite.
  • The Cullens — Alexandre Desplat
    Bella asks the Cullens to take a vote.
  • No Sound But the Wind — Editors
    At the end, Bella and Edward are driving. They see Jacob standing in the road. Jacob wants to talk.
  • Marry Me, Bella — Alexandre Desplat
    Edward asks Bella to marry him.
  • A White Demon Love Song — The Killers
    End credits.
  • Meet Me On the Equinox — Death Cab for Cutie
    End Credits, second song.
  • The Estuary — Groove Addicts
    Teaser Trailer 1 & 2 (Jacob's Featurette)"
  • I Know What You Are (Music from "Twilight") — Global Stage Orchestra & Carter Burwell
  • Moving Mountains — Two Steps From Hell
    Trailer & Japanese Trailer
  • Conviction — Groove Addicts
    Tv Spot
  • Up From The Ashes — Michael Nielsen
    Teaser Trailer 2 (Jacob's Featurette)
  • Farewell to the King — x-ray dog
    Tv Spot
  • Destiny — Kato Miliyah
    Trailer Japanese
  • Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 — Franz Schubert & Ulf Bästlein & Stefan Laux
    Carlisle stitches Bella's arm in his office.