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Breaking Bad season 4 episode 12 soundtrack

End Times, 5 songs

Hank pushes Gomez to pursue one last lead, while Walt struggles to protect the family. Jesse gets alarming news and rushes to meet with Mr. White.

  • We Are Born When We Die — Apollo Sunshine
    Walt contemplates his current predicament alone in his backyard beside the pool spinning his revolver on the patio table.
  • Nuevos Ojos — Pistolera
    Detective Gomez and a K-9 unit inspect Gus' industrial laundry facility for evidence of drug-related activity.
  • Almost Alaska — Dave Porter
    Andrea calls Jesse to tell him about the ricin cigarette.
  • Building a Bomb — Dave Porter
    Walter is building a bomb for to plant under Gus's car.
  • Parking Garage Standoff — Dave Porter
    When Gus and his bodyguards come up to the garage lot and stand looking out for suspicious activity while Walter is looking with binoculars.

Theme Song

Breaking Bad (Main Title Theme) [Extended Version]
Dave Porter