Dispatches from Elsewhere Music
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Dispatches from Elsewhere season 1 episode 1 soundtrack

Peter, 4 songs

Peter is stuck in the everyday routine of his mundane life until the day he meets a group of strangers who all have something in common and together they begin an adventure into a world that has been hidden all around them.

  • Song For Zula — Phosphorescent
    Small bits are played several times throughout the episode
  • Play That Beat Mr. D.J. — G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid
    Peter is dancing with Bigfoot and other B Boys in the rain shower
  • Sh-Boom — The Chords
    Peter and the others are sitting in the Diner
  • Data Analysis — Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross & Claudia Sarne
    Peter has an emotional moment.