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Frequency season 1 episode 9 soundtrack

Gray Line, 4 songs

Raimy and Frank make a startling discovery about the Nightingale.

  • Alright — Supergrass
    (Nov 22, 1996) A young man rides his bike down a street, lights then throws a molotov cocktail through the window of a home.
  • No Excuses — Alice In Chains
    Frank tracks down Meaghan at a record store where he asks her about the Hideaway Camp and her stepfather, Deacon Joe.
  • Fall In Love — Phantogram
    Daniel comments on how Raimy managed to order all of his favorite Indian foods; Daniel and Raimy's kiss when their interrupted by his ringing phone.
  • Nearly Morning — Luke Sital-Singh
    (2016) Daniel asks for Raimy to be patient while he breaks things off with his fiancée; (1996) Frank and Julie kiss then sleep together; Daniel and Raimy kiss; (both time periods) Reimy and Frank wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed; Reimy tells Frank over the reciever that Deacon Joe is the Nightingale, Frank acknowledges that he now has to kill Joe.