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Lucifer season 5 episode 14 soundtrack

Nothing Lasts Forever, 7 songs

Lucifer angles to be his father's successor. Ella makes a painful confession. Chloe investigates a murder at an aquarium.

  • Gonna Do It My Way — Carpool
    Lucifer and Chloe are driving and having a conversation. Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the aquarium.
  • Evening Star — Cannons
    Chloe arrives at Jeremy's restaurant. She meets Lucifer at the bar and Lucifer's Dad and Chloe's Mom arrive to join them.
  • I'll Get There — Align
    Lucifer and Chloe are on a double date with God and Chloe's mom. Lucifer tries to order off the secret menu.
  • Kisha — San Jose Taiko
    Sato and Lucifer fight.
  • Kagami — San Jose Taiko
    Sato and Lucifer fight.
  • Spirit & Decline — Gem Club
    Lucifer tells Amenadiel and God that his sister helped him deliver a message. Lucifer's Mom appears and walks down the stairs to say hello to Lucifer, Amenadiel, and God.
  • Up in Arms — Bhi Bhiman
    Lucifer and Chloe are having a moment. She tells him something important before they are interrupted by Remiel.

Theme Song

Being Evil Has a Price
Heavy Young Heathens