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Pure Genius season 1 episode 8 soundtrack

Around the World in Eight Kidneys, 4 songs

James and the Bunker Hill surgeons attempt to make medical history with the largest chain of internationally paired kidney donations ever, comprised of eight simultaneous organ transplants and 16 surgeries.

  • Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66 - Pas D'Action — Serge Tchaikov & Russian State Symphony Orchestra
    Walter brings Zoe to watch Lauren dance.
  • Under the Flood (feat. Zach Rogue) — Lovers & Friends
    Montage; After figuring out the problem, James, Zoe and Angie complete Constance's transplant.
  • Into the World — Stereophonics
    Zoe and Walter perform Constance's artificial kidney transplant; Kidney donors and recipients meet.
  • Spirit Cold — Tall Heights
    Rusty is taken back to the prison van; The kidney donors and recipients gather with the doctors; Walter talks to James.