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Resident Alien season 1 episode 6 soundtrack

Sexy Beast, 8 songs

Harry copes with jealousy when the mayor hires an annoyingly perfect new town doctor.

  • Can't Smile Without You — Barry Manilow
    Montage of romantic things Harry and Isabelle do together; (repeats) Isabelle wakes up to find Harry has made her breakfast.
  • At Da´ Crossroads — Billy Jones
    Harry and Isabelle enter bar.
  • Here Comes The Heat — Afika Nx
    Sheriff Mike questions kid.
  • Call Before You Come — Tangled Eye
    Competition is strong between Harry and Ethan at the bar.
  • Sometimes — Milton
    Dr. Ethan has made D'Arcy breakfast for the morning after they hooked up.
  • Criminal — 3 One Oh
    Liv listens on headphones while looking at her murder board.
  • Right On — Them Vibes & Maggie Rose
    The gals go bowling.
  • Let the Good Times Roll — JD McPherson
    Asta confronts Jimmy.

Theme Song

Brown Bird