Satisfaction Music

Satisfaction season 2 episode 4 soundtrack

...Through Bondage, 5 songs

Neil and Simon legitimize their partnership while Adriana introduces Grace to the world of BDSM!

  • Come Alive — Joy Charity Enriquez
    Grace looking at herself in the mirror and trying on various leather items.
  • The Lonely Quiet — Moon & Pollution
    Grace and Adriana walk through the bondage club.
  • Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 125 'The Choral': II. Molto Vivace — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Raymond Leppard
    Arthur shows Neil his car collection.
  • The Wheel — Stewart Ross Tones & Hannah Cartwright
    Neil and Grace get back together as Adriana watches.
  • Bells — Justin Halpin
    End of episode.

Theme Song

(I can't get no) satisfaction
In The Valley Below