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Lucifer season 5 episode 11 soundtrack

Resting Devil Face, 11 songs

Lucifer's father — you know, God — decides to experience life as a regular human. Meanwhile, a boxer dies under mysterious circumstances.

  • Believer — Imagine Dragons
    Lucifer and Amenadiel walk down the stairs at LUX with purpose. They are going to confront their dad but find that he is not there.
  • Let's Go — Clear Blue Fire
    Chloe leaves Trixie at Linda's. God tried to comfort Dan.
  • High & Mighty — Annabel Lee
    God disappears from the precinct. Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the crime scene.
  • Fell So Far — Future Royalty
    Dan and Maze at Lux; Lucifer and Chloe talking to a suspect at the hospital.
  • Dangerous Man — Valley Of Wolves
    Dan and Chloe discuss Trixie and the sting in the surveillance van. Lucifer arrives at the abandoned airfield for the sting. Turns out, God is there as well.
  • Can't Stop Me — Company of Ghost
    Lucifer's penthouse; Chloe interrogating a suspect at the precinct.
  • So Long for This — Skyline Brigade
    Maze and Amenadiel have a conversation about God at Lux.
  • Go on Get in There — Layup
    In the subway, God finds Trixie.
  • Angels Around Us — Hael
    At LUX, Dan and Maze have a brief conversation. Maze talks with God about a soul.
  • Dead Man Walking — City Wolf
    Dan and God have a conversation at Lux.
  • Love — Firstcom Music

Theme Song

Being Evil Has a Price
Heavy Young Heathens